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Key Features

  • Cross exchange technology platform
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Complete control and forecasting
  • Real-time bidding optimization and decision making
  • Enables buyers to buy across different inventory sources (Yahoo, Microsoft, Google) from one login and one user interface

Make sure your customers can find you when they’re on-the-go. Mobile advertising provides a unique opportunity to connect with your consumers on a personal level, with ads that reflect their on-the-go need states and decision- making moments.

LimeAd includes but not limited:

  • Campaign UI tools, optimization systems
  • Real-time bidding advanced campaign reporting dashboards
  • Full set of targeting – Contextual Targeting, Semantic targeting, Behavioral Targeting, Audience Targeting, Geographic Targeting, Creative Retargeting, Site Retargeting, Time-Based targeting, Demographic Targeting
  • MMA, IAB and ORMMA Rich Media Ad Formats
  • LimeAd have the option to buy in real time (real time bidding). This enables sophisticated bidding algorithms and more intelligent buying decisions.
  • LimeAd can value each impression from a publisher and submit a unique bid in real time for the given impressions.
  • Real-time reporting and up to the minute campaign statistics, including bids won and lost, click through rates and conversions
  • Third party ad serving across most mobile ad networks and integration with third party data providers
  • Reminder and warning alerts that can be set up in the system and auto-emailed