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There is a mobile movement going on. Smartphones are always on,always with us and always connected. The rising of smartphones is creating smarter consumers and more opportunities for smarter marketers.

And what is your goal? Build Brand Awareness, Drive Online Sales, Engage Your Audience, Increase Store Traffic or Launch a Product or Service?

Whatever your goal is, LimeAd will get you access to billions of targeted impressions around the globe. We help Marketers and Advertisers to create innovative mobile campaigns to increase costumer engagement.


Demographic: Target based on demographic information such as age, gender or income.

Geo location (IP): Target ads based on the user’s location as defined by their device IP address.

Geo-Location (Key-Value): Target ads based on the user’s location as defined by registration data passed from the app in the ad call.

Contextual: Target ads based on app content.

Operating System and Device: Target ads based on the user’s device type.

Time-Based Targeting: Target ads to users based on their local time or time of day.

Browser Language Targeting.

Lifetime Customer Value: Target audiences with high Life Time Value, meaning they have a long-term relationship with your app, brand or website.

Connection Status & Type: Target ads based on the device’s connection type (offline/online) or connection speed.

User-Registration Data: Target ads based on any data that is entered by the user and passed from the app in the ad call.


Most effective mobile retargeting ways Behavioral retargeting Mobile analytics and data collecting tools

Increase Site Traffic: 

Delivering powerful ads to drive site traffic and engagement.

Create White or Black list:

White list is a list of websites that an advertiser will permit the ads to be placed on. Blacklist sites also available to prevent your ad from appearing on those sites.

With Lime Ad you always know your campaign runs on effective and efficient inventory.