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LimeAd is a technology company. We are a mobile advertising platform that helps advertisers to buy advertising more effectively and more efficiently. LimeAd works with mebia buying agencies and advertisers and allows them to run mobile advertising campaigns more efficiently and transparently than they could’ve done it before.

We have a tool that allows media buying agencies and buyers to work with us or use it themselves: to set up a  campaign, target people very effectively and see the results.

LimeAd is an elaborate mobile advertising costumer platform which advertisers can use in two ways.

One is a self- serve where we training to set up and you use it yourself.

Second is a manage service. LimeAd manages your campaign on your behalf and give you full access to the sistem.

Because of the stronger LimeAd technology advertiser will be able to spend much more time on analysis the data that is coming in, to produce detailed reports and to understand how the media is performing and where it is performing best.

LimeAd is a tool for media agencies and advertisers that allows to programmatically buy media from different sources like websites, mobile sites, apps that have an ad space inside those and to do it all from one center place.